Riding Lessons

Providing safe, positive lesson programs to suit every level of rider,with qualified instructors and a variety of trained horses.  Established 1979!

For Beginners, or those returning to riding after absence, learn to master the fundamentals in a safe environment with proper instruction. For Experienced Riders, we have qualified coaches in Jumping, Eventing & Dressage.

A friendly atmosphere with an indoor arena, outdoor rings & heated viewing lounge. Accredited by Ontario Camps, Ontario Equestrian & Equestrian Canada. 

Before riding anywhere it is essential to visit the stable, speak with the instructor, and watch a lesson in progress. Be wary of unaccredited facilities that are unqualified to teach riding.

When visiting Whitchurch Equestrian, you will see safety is a priority. Horses are schooled, well fed & cared for, with shiny coats & clean stalls. Stable and riding areas are maintained & uncluttered.  Riding helmets & boots are worn by all riders, plus saddles & bridles are in good repair. We promote a "hands-on" approach that encourages a bonding partnership with your horse.

We also provide fun, informative lectures for attaining Equine Canada Rider Levels, and all students are welcome to participate in our schooling shows!  Jumping, Dressage, & Eventing are the primary focus of our English-style riding lessons, with a focus on the fundementals at evey level.

There are fewer differences between "English" & “Western” than most think.  Both styles require riders to have a solid seat with hips and shoulders balanced over feet, plus independent hands. 

Horseback Riding for Children

With proper instruction, being able to ride horses in a safe and controlled fashion is only the start to a lifetime passion. Riding provides excellent health & fitness benefits, promotes confidence and responsibility, and its fun too!  We firmly believe that additional time spent grooming, tacking, and bonding with the animal ensures a better, more productive riding experience.

For children, learning to ride independent of a leader requires the ability to focus on instruction while on horseback for a minimum of one hour.  Don’t forget we are dealing with a large animal with a mind of its own!  For this reason, we follow insurance guidelines that recommend children are turning seven the year they begin riding.  Before this age, a simple pony ride with a leader would be more appropriate, which is both safer and more economical.

Whitchurch Equestrian Summer Riding Camp is a wonderful introduction for children and teens (age 7 to 16), to learn the basics of riding and the care of horses in a fun environment.  Campers ride every day for a full hour, plus are immersed in a wide range of equestrian and stable activities for the week, which reinforces the fundamentals of safety both on the horse, and on the ground.

Whitchurch Equestrian Riding Lesson Programs operate throughout the entire year, and are specifically designed for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced riders, guiding them through the various levels of riding and horsemanship. 

Horseback Riding for Adults

Horseback riding is a challenging and rewarding sport for every age, level, and ability.  And for adults it’s never too late to learn!  Whether you are a beginner, or returning after an absence, or an experienced rider looking for recreation, exercise, or competition, we have a variety of trained horses and certified instructors that will suit your equestrian goals.

Our riding school operates all year long, with the primary focus of coaching riders to master the fundementals and advance their skills in a safe, positve, and inclusive environment.

For those new or returning to riding, our Introductory Lesson Special is an excellent primer that provides a balance of both riding and horsemanship.  We firmly believe that time spent grooming, tacking, and bonding with the animal ensures a better, more productive riding experience. Whether it’s to satisfy a lifelong passion, or to prepare for a trail riding vacation, all the basics for safety, confidence, and comfort are covered in this program.

For Intermediate and Advanced riders, there are Group and Private Lessons available seven days a week, and a Riding Assessment can be arranged to fit you into the best program.  Whether you wish to advance your current riding level, brush up on past skills, show competitively, or ride recreationally, we can provide a specific program for you. 

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